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Pamper Paws Dog Deodoriser


Pamper Paws Dog Deodoriser

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Parlour Fresh Deodoriser

  • Deodourising spray to use in between washes so your pups smell parlour fresh at all times
  • Baby Powder fragrance
  • Natural ingredients
  • Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks
  • Avoid spraying near eyes.


 I must say I am really impressed with the quality and feel of the towels. I have had microfibre ones before and they've always felt a bit "cheap", but these are so lovely! If I leave them anywhere where the boys can get them they always make them into a bed and take a nap on them!


The quality of the microfibre dog towels are second to none! Dolly, Bindy, Boo & Lulu all absolutely love their towels. It makes bathing them so much easier.


Leo absolutely loves his dog bed, it is so comfy and he always gets in it. He snuggles into the donut shaped edge and looks so adorable.

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