Why we choose microfibre dog towels over cotton?

Why we choose microfibre dog towels over cotton? 


Dogs have their coat to protect them from all types of troubles like parasites, weather conditions, and environmental changes. If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy, you have to treat their fur with top-notch swipes. If you think investing in a unique microfibre dog towel is a waste of money. Take a look at these five significant reasons that would change your mind:

1. Chemical Reactions:


Cleaning products for dogs like shampoos, soaps, and face wash may cause an allergic reaction after becoming contaminated. These chemical readily retain in clusters inside standard cotton swipes for a long time. A dog's skin usually contains hair, and the infection can hide for a long time on account of being away from the visible range. Therefore, it is best to use microfibres as pet bath supplements since they don't hold chemical residues.


 2. Minimal Parasite Attack:


Like all other animals, dogs have hairy fur, and this fur offers an ideal breeding place for the parasites--if not cleaned properly. Ordinary cotton fabrics can hold in a lot of these parasites and remain infected after washing. There is ample space where parasites like fleas and other types of lice or ticks breed and lay eggs. These issues make cotton a threat to the dog and negatively affect children's and owner's health. Therefore, it is best to use microfibre clothing for dogs.


3. Easy on Fur:


Ordinary cotton towels can cause friction, abrasion, and pain for the normal skin of a dog. The unique dog towels have microfibres, which help dry access water without any unwanted excitement or distress. If your dogs have been running away from baths, it might be because they do not like the painful stretching of their fur after the shower. Dog towel & microfibre dog towel can make yours and your pet's life easier.


4. Transfer of Germs:


Dogs roam everywhere. If you have children who like to play with the dog, it is not the best idea to use the cotton bath towel as your dog cleaning supplies. Even after washing, cotton swipes may have a lot of germs due to their open weave design. Therefore, it is best to use microfibre towels for your dogs since they are easy to disinfect. However, it is better to wash them in a different turn.


5. Better Absorption:


Dog's fur can hold a lot of water after a bath. To dry away this water, a thin layer of cotton swipe is insufficient. A microfibre dog towel is much more absorbent in comparison. In short, bath time would become much more manageable.




Every creation of nature is different in many aspects and therefore has different needs. Keeping a dog is a big responsibility. However, making the right choices like using a microfibre dog towel can make yours and your pet's experience a great one.