Microfibre VS Cotton - Which Is The Best?


We often get confused when buying different fabrics, be it our clothes or for supplies like dog towels, bedsheets, handkerchiefs, etc. Some people say a specific material is best because it is made of cotton, while others argue microfibre is better. However, there are scientific reasons, and studies conducted that prove which one is better. You can go shopping and look for bed sheets, pillowcases, and even dog towels. But when you don't know their qualities and properties well, your money is money wasted. Nonetheless, it's better to understand their pros and cons in each desired category and choose wisely. With that being said, let us know what the differences between microfibre and cotton are and which one is the best.

Microfibre VS Cotton


Microfibre Dog Towel Vs Cotton Dog Towel

To understand each of their benefits, we will compare them with a few qualities that people love the most. The one that excels in all is truthfully the best, so no argument can be made.

microfibre dog towel 


Sellers often argue that cotton has better qualities than microfibre because it is more durable. It can be used against rough surfaces, as well as for cleaning. Because cotton fibres are long, they hold significantly more water than microfibres, and as a result, doing better.

However, some researchers argue that there are almost no situations where cotton is superior to microfibre. It is just as much and sometimes more durable than cotton on rough surfaces and holds less water. Their fibres are different, and studies reveal that cotton has a much higher tendency to carry bacteria and dirt, which is hard to remove. In comparison, microfibre doesn't take as much bacteria, and even in such situations, it's easier to remove them. When it comes to microfibre dog towels, this makes it much safer for your pet. 


This quality depends on the user because both have different benefits and people love each of them for other purposes. Since microfibres can be water-repellent, they are used for jackets and fabrics exposed to such items. At the same time, cotton holds water in and can get easily wet, resulting in it getting stains.

Athletes and people who tend to exercise prefer microfibre because wet, sweaty clothes can get annoying. But they would select a handkerchief made of cotton, to remove as much sweat as possible. Wet dog towels will be much more comfortable for your pet when they are microfibre as it won't leave them soaking. The microfibre dog towel is the right balance between lightweight and drying.


Cotton is made entirely from natural plants and can be grown as a crop. Microfibre, on the other hand, is not natural and made from petroleum-based synthetic. It was explicitly created to copy and outdo natural fibres in durability, comfort, and laundering.

Cotton farming is also a leading issue in water scarcity in third world countries, microfibre helps prevent that.

Although people don't like synthetic materials, it has been in high demand ever since its invention. Scientifically, it also has better necessary qualities.


Both materials are available on the market on the same scale. Their demand is relatively high too, which results in people debating over what's better. But in terms of quality and benefits, microfibre far exceed cotton, and we may even see them take over the fabric industry in the upcoming decade. Our microfibre dog towel is helping increase the microfibre production and decrease the unsustainable cotton production.


People argue that cotton has its benefits and should be used more than microfibres due to the natural process. However, once it's synthesised and made into fabrics, it's no longer natural, and only the perks matter. These are better for microfibres, and even the studies recommend using microfibres over cotton in most products. Microfibre production also has no impact on water scarcity unlike the worlds overproduction of cotton, hence the emphasis on sustainable fashion in the last few years.

In summary, we chose the microfibre dog towel as it is a problem solving product which can help pet owners look after their pets. Our microfibre dog towels are safe, hold significantly less bacteria than cotton towels and don't hold as much water, meaning they are easier to dry out and just as effective at drying your dog.